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new beginnings.


Hi blog world.  My name is Mindy.  Nice to meet you!

After being inspired by amazing bloggers like Caitlin and Sarah, I’m joining the healthy living blog world.  I hope you’ll join me on my journey!

A few things about me.

A former self-proclaimed “I only run if I’m being chased” runner, somewhere along the road, that changed.  I run and I love it.  I recently did a 25k race as part of the Fifth Third River Bank Run.  It was far from my best run, but I finished!  With just a few people finishing after me, I left lots of room for improvement for the next time around.  I signed up for the Grand Rapids Half Marathon in October.

I’m vegetarian.  In November 2008, I stopped eating meat for about six months, then for no reason in particular, started again.  On Valentine’s Day of the year, I officially went back to the veggie lifestyle.  I’m so glad I did for a wide range of reasons.

I did Weight Watchers for a couple years with a good deal of success.  I lost 85 and gained about 20 of that back during a stressful year of starting a new job and finishing grad school.  While I’d love to lose that 20 again, plus a little more, I’m learning to love myself the way I am.  I am more than a number.

I’m in the middle of “no weigh May” and I’m not stepping on the scale during the whole month.  Part experiment to see how well I can maintain my weight without it, part necessity to break my obsessional focus on the number on the scale rather than eating healthy and living the best kind of life.

So, that’s a bit about me.  I hope you’ll join me on this journey into the blog world.

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