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so much for healthy.


Last night’s dinner was a bowl of banana nut Cheerios with soy milk. I never have much of an appetite after I work out and cereal sound absolutely amazing. I thought it would be a healthy option. As I was putting the box into the recycle bin, I happen to notice the list of ingredients out of the corner of my eye. Number one: whole grain corn. Okay, not too terrible. Number two: sugar!! SUGAR! Not to mention, later on in the ingredients is brown sugar syrup, corn syrup, and dried corn syrup.

Here I am thinking I’m having a fairly healthy choice. Nope. Not so much. I’m usually fairly good at reading labels, but this time around, not so much. I assumed that Cheerios would be healthy…they’re Cheerios after all! Lesson learned: always, always, always read the label.

Have you ever found something you thought was healthy only to be later surprised (and thoroughly disappointed) that it wasn’t?

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