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what a day.


I try really, really hard to not use emotions or stress as an excuse for eating poorly…but, every so often, a girl just has one of those kind of days, you know? Between having to be at work at 6:30 this morning for a meeting and then having an event tomorrow and another on Tuesday to finish preparation for, I was never so happy for the day to come to a close!

So, when a coworker suggested going out for a drink after work, I wholeheartedly agreed. A drink turned into a martini, two beers…one Oberon and one at Founder’s, my favorite local (and award winning!) brewery. Not to mention, an entire serving of spinach dip (one of my favorite foods) all by myself. My best idea? Probably not. But, you know, I figure it’s all about moderation. I definitely avoid having evenings like this on a regular basis, but every so often, a girl’s gotta kick back! Tomorrow, it’s all about living the healthy kind of life again.

It was definitely a much needed night of relaxation! I was really hoping to get out for a run tonight, but I got home around like 8 and I was just ready for bed. Now, it’s like 9…still light outside…and I’m pretty much ready for bed. I’m so cool.

What’s your favorite food and/or drink to indulge in after a long and stressful day?

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