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busy, busy bee.


It’s been a crazy couple of days…and sadly, sans Internet! Friday, I was up at Spring Hill for a work retreat. The morning was legit work with some training stuff, but the afternoon was fun group-bonding activities! We went horseback riding and then did the zip line! Great way to spend a Friday afternoon…and get paid for it!

After I left the retreat, since I was only about 20 miles away, I headed to my sister and brother-in-law’s camper to hang out with them and their kids. I had every intention of coming back early this afternoon, but it’s 9:40 and I’ve been home for maybe 20 minutes. While it’s been a good weekend, it was also filled with lots of processed, unhealthy foods and I feel a bit gross and sluggish because of that.

Tomorrow’s mission is some serious grocery shopping. It’s been far too long since I’ve been to the store, so I’m excited to fill my kitchen up with some produce, and some healthy, wholesome, goodness. After the grocery store, I am hitting up the Y for a serious workout. I’m craving a good run!!

How is your weekend going?

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