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holy heat, batman.


Today’s lunch was a childhood favorite: sloppy joes (vegetarian style!), with an applesauce cup. Can you believe I didn’t like applesauce up until about a year ago? It was a texture thing. Later, I had some pita chips and hummus.

It is currently about 90 degrees and humid here in Grand Rapids. I know for some parts of the country, 90 degrees is a cakewalk. Many days, I love 90 degrees. But, considering it’s been consistently in the 50s and 60s for about three weeks, my body is not adapting well to the sudden jump.

With the heat, I had to pretty much force myself to the Y (since there was no chance I was running outside). My heart just wasn’t in it…a definite 180 from yesterday’s “I’m craving a good run” attitude. Which, that is actually still true. But, today was not that good run kind of day.

I ran for 13.5 minutes (1.25 miles) and did the elliptical for 16.5 (1.5 miles), ending with a few minutes of weights. I can’t remember the last time I was sweating so much while I worked out! I’ll wrap up the exercise with a softball game later tonight. My team is 3-0 this season! Can we make it 4-0 tonight?

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