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i was made for sunny days.


I have to start by saying that the title for this post has to do with absolutely nothing other than the fact that I’m currently obsessively listening to the new song by The Weepies with the same title. If you don’t know The Weepies, stop what you’re doing and go listen to them now. You can thank me later.

I love that it’s not even noon and I already feel as though I’ve tackled so much. I’ve already been to church and the grocery store (yay for a fully stocked kitchen with lots of produce and other great, healthy foods!).

Breakfast was a serving and a half of Kashi honey sunshine cereal. I freaking love Kashi. Go Lean! crunch is my absolute favorite, but I had coupons, so I was able to get six boxes of the honey sunshine for something like $5. I love a great deal.

I’m currently in the midst of cleaning my messy apartment. Several weekends of traveling and a just all around busy month has lead to an extremely cluttered apartment. I was extremely disappointed to learn my favorite workout shorts had a nice big hole. I’ve had them for about five years and wore them all the time, so I suppose it was somewhat inevitable.

Off to tackle more of the day’s to-do list…

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