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a case of the mondays.


Well, this week is not starting off on the right foot.

I got home a lot later from softball than I planned. A local restaurant sponsored our team in exchange for us gong there every week. Thanks to some less than stellar service, it was about 10:30 by the time I got home. I took a quick shower and collapsed into bed.

On the bright side of last night, though, we pulled out another win! And, guess who got a triple! Yeah! Sadly, we got to three outs before I could make it home. Better luck next time.

Back to today. I overslept, so breakfast was a quick stop at Biggby (think Starbucks, but with only about 100 stores). Latte and a muffin. Delicious, yes. Nutritious, not particularly.

Thanks in part to last night’s exhaustion, I didn’t even think to get my lunch ready for today. So, I went over to the cafe and succumbed to unhealthy cravings. Grilled cheese, onion rings, a pudding parfait, and my true weakness, Diet Coke.

Here I was, all ready for a great week filled with lots of healthy food and some good exercise.

Epic FAIL.

At least I can still redeem myself tonight!

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