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on the road again.


No more excuses – I cut up all of my produce last night, so it’s all ready and waiting for me to eat it.

This morning’s breakfast included a new favorite: pumpkin butter from Trader Joe’s! I had a bit of that on an English muffin and some cereal. The pumpkin butter was, by far, the highlight. It definitely makes me wish there were a TJ’s closer to where I live! I definitely stock up on favorites when I’m near one!

I was on the road for work today, but I made sure to pack a snack to avoid the temptation of the Wendy’s I pass on the way. Rather than fries and a Frosty, I had some strawberries and pineapple. I love fresh fruit!! It is definitely one of my favorite parts of summer!

Lunch was provided at the meeting I went to this afternoon. I was really happy there was a vegetarian option: a Mediterranean veggie sandwich with some chips. The sandwich had lots of veggies and a feta spread. Dessert was key lime pie, but I was so stuffed from the lunch, so I saved it for an afternoon snack…currently being enjoyed as I type.

The heat wave continues in West Michigan. Summer truly has arrived. While I love the heat for the most part, getting accustomed to it completely drains every ounce of my energy. The good news is that I have been drinking water like it’s my job. The bad news is that I feel about as motivated as a slug to move. Any suggestions on how to still get a good workout in even when it’s miserably hot and humid?

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  1. Katherine: What About Summer? permalink
    05.25.10 7:33 pm

    I have been abandoning workouts half way through because my body just has not adjusted to the heat. 80 degrees and dripping in sweat is not so great (major salt cravings coming on)

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