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bagels and guac, oh my.


Well, I am at work and my camera is at home. So, no pictures of the delicious food I’ve had today to supplement your reading enjoyment. I know you’re heartbroken, aren’t you?

Breakfast was at a staff meeting which means Panera bagels! If I could legitimately eat a cinnamon crunch bagel every day, I just might do it. They are so good! Definitely the highlight of a staff meeting! I had that with some hazelnut cream cheese. Heavenly.

Lunch was yet another staff meal. One of my coworkers is leaving us, so we did a farewell lunch at Maggie’s Kitchen, a local hole in the wall Mexican place. Their food is just amazing. Why is it that it’s always the really obscure places that have the best food in town? I had a veggie burrito with some rice, beans, cheese, lettuce, and tomato, along with a small side of chips and guacamole. Guac. Yet another food I could eat day after day after day.

What are your foods that you could eat every day? I’m sure that in all actuality, I’d get bored really quickly with the foods I love, but the idea of it is great!

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