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june challenge.


I love having days off! I slept in this morning and it was glorious. It felt really good to not have to set an alarm and just sleep until I woke up naturally. It ended up being like 9:15, so I’m glad I was still up at a fairly decent time. Way more enjoyable that 6:15, that much is for sure!

Breakfast was an English muffin with pumpkin butter. I’m definitely going to get addicted to the stuff, but then again, I love pretty much anything pumpkin, so it’s probably not all that surprising.

This month has been No Weigh May, in hopes of breaking my addiction to the scale. It’s going well…I’ll give a full report when the month is actually over, but it got me thinking about wanting to try a challenge for June.

So, next month will be Jillian June and it’s all about the 30 Day Shred! I don’t anticipate actually doing it all 30 days because from what I’ve done of the Shred before, my knees can’t take it. I’ve never stuck with it long enough to get through the whole thing. I’ve never seen beyond level one.

The first 10 days of the month are focused on level one, the second ten days on level two, and the last ten on level three. I am planning on doing each level at least seven days.

I’m excited to see how effective Jillian’s workout actually is! Have you done the entire Shred before? Did you have good results?

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