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two for two.


I am having a great time having my mom visiting me! We’ve been doing lots of shopping and went to a movie. We saw The Back Up Plan which was cute.

Remember the Mediterranean veggie sandwich I had the other day? I had another one today! This time with an apple.

The apple wasn’t that great, but they’re not in season, so I guess I shouldn’t expect too much. After some shopping, we went for ice cream (yes, I’ve now had ice cream two days in a row…). She loves Dairy Queen and there’s not one in my hometown, so while their was one nearby, we went. And, I really can’t resist a mint Oreo blizzard (especially on a 90 degree day!).

Somehow, things always revolve around food in my family . So, I definitely had my plans for where we were eating planned most of the week. I was really excited for dinner at Marie Catrib’s a local favorite with lots of vegetarian options! I had a sweet potato and quinoa burger with a side of seasoned potatoes. I only ate half of each…it was so much food!

Shopping was pretty much a bust. I really wanted some cute new clothes, but didn’t have much luck. I got a couple tops at Old Navy, but overall I was fairly disappointed.

Off to spend time with my mom while she’s here!

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