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Within the past twelve hours, I’ve had two instances of getting serious, heartbreaking news about friends. This is not really the place to share, but for those of you that are the praying sort, please lift these two girls up. They are both going through really, really tough situations. My heart breaks for them.

I’m definitely the type of person whose emotions get the best of her. Even though these two situations really don’t affect me, I still have been left with not much of an appetite today.

Breakfast was a quarter bagel and a little glob of cream cheese at church. When I got home, I had an English muffin with some pumpkin butter. I think today might just be one of those days where I eat because I know I need to rather than out of hunger.

How do you handle bad news…does it affect your eating habits?

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  1. daynemercy permalink
    05.30.10 11:59 am

    I can’t eat, and it becomes a problem because I’m already a bit underweight, so I try to compensate by eating the wrong, calorie-choked things – ice cream, candy, french fries.

    My body hates me, I think.

    I hope you and your friends find ways around whatever your problems are. I’m in one myself at the moment, and I know how hard it is to remain strong – or, at least, pretend to be – and to not give in to self-pity and finding fault with everyone else involved.

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