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muscles i forgot i had.


I woke up this morning and could definitely feel the results of my first day of the Shred. For as many times as I’ve started it, you would think it would get a little easier. Nope. Not so much. But, I’m not giving up!

I was having a serious bagel craving this morning. I stopped on my way to work at the local bagel shop and got a salsa pepperjack bagel with veggie cream cheese. I was really happy they didn’t go overboard on the cream cheese!

So good.

Work is absolutely insane right now. We’re moving to our new building on Monday (which I am strictly forbidden to take pictures of until the big media events in the fall…sad…), so we’re busy packing in the midst of the regular work. Needless to say, I was happy when lunch rolled around.

I had another wrap. I am getting addicted. Spring mix, sprouts, tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, feta cheese. Yum.

And a serving of a smoothie that is dangerously close to the “best by” date. Which was, you know, today.

Drink up! I love that a bottle of this stuff has eight servings of fruits and veggies! It’s an easy way for me to get those in!

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