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Today was a day full of walking, walking, and you guessed it, more walking. We took a three hour tour of the new building my office is moving to. It is going to be absolutely fantastic to work there – lots of naturally lighting, great views of the city, top of the line technology (the phone at my desk cost $700!!). I am so excited for the move next week.

So, I’m semi-copping out and counting that as my exercise for the day. I intended to do day three of the Shred, but my dinner is completely not agreeing with me, so I’m taking it easy the rest of the evening.

Dinner was cheese ravioli with pesto and veggies. It tasted amazing. Too bad my stomach doesn’t think so. Although, it may more be the pasta sitting on top of the after work snack of an unknown number of “it was a long and rough day and I have a mild case of PMS” no bake cookies that is really the root of the problem. Stress binging is probably not the best idea (and by probably, I mean really), but every so often, it’s just the thing I need!

And, I leave you with a sneak peak of the Glee season finale: Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel (Lea Michele) singing Journey’s “Faithfully”. Love, love, love this show. Love, love, love Cory Monteith, I think he’s just adorable.

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