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walking girl.


I got a glimpse today of life without a car. I had to get some repairs done ($830 worth, actually…goodbye paycheck!), so I walked a LOT today. About five miles. I walked from the shop to work, from work to home, from home back to the shop. Thankfully, I like walking! So, I’m using today as one of my 2-3 days off for each level of the 30 Day Shred. My legs are tired, which is kind of sad since I’ve run 3 times that far in one shot. Ah, such is life.

I definitely realized a couple things with this car-less day. First, while Grand Rapids has a great bus system, none of the routes are at all convenient. For example, to get from home to work, I’d have to walk to the bus stop and take that bus to the bus station where I’d catch a second bus to work. On a nice, sunny day, the 20-30 minute walk is definitely the preferred option! Second, I like my car!!! I definitely take it for granted! But, I’m so glad Regina Phalange (anyone know the reference, anyone?) is working great again!

No camera today, so no visuals.

Breakfast was a latte and a muffin. I seriously need to stop with the coffee shops. No good for the waistline or the budget, but oh so delicious!

Lunch was a Luna bar. I was completely not hungry. When I got home around 3, I finished off the guac I made yesterday. It was even better today since it was cold!

For dinner, it was Dinner Club night! Three of my friends and I have a dinner club where we try a different restaurant in town once a month. There are only two rules: 1) it has to be a place we haven’t had dinner club yet, and 2) no chain restaurants. It’s been a really great way to discover some awesome places.

This month was Japanese food! I had some veggie teriyaki…not the most creative thing, but it’s hard for a vegetarian to eat a place that primarily serves seafood! Creative or not, it was really good!

What’s your favorite ethnic cuisine? I love so much, but Mexican probably tops the list!

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