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finding a groove.


Pardon my minor freak out moment about working out yesterday. I allowed myself some time to rest and recuperate after my 25K last month and I have just had the hardest time getting back into a regular routine. The routines I had are completely foreign to me now! I was really starting to get back into the groove by doing the 30 Day Shred, and then I got sick, so now I feel like I’m back at square one! I am struggling to get the motivation, the enthusiasm, the drive back and I am feeling a bit lost about how to find it!

Any suggestions on how to get past this wall and get back into a regular routine? I need some new motivation, especially now that I am not training for anything!

I’ve been craving waffles for a few days now, so breakfast was two Kashi frozen waffles with a little butter and reduced sugar syrup. Completely hit the spot!!!

We had a “welcome to our brand new building” reception with the Dean of the College this morning and what’s a good reception without food?! I had some fruit and an amazingly delish frosted sugar cookie. Those cookies will be the death of me today – I’ve had two more since the reception and it’s not even noon! Sugar high, here I come!

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  1. 06.14.10 12:20 pm

    Maybe you should just have a workout one morning where you turn on your favorite music and dance around until you sweat? Or try a yoga routine? Something fun to get you excited about sweating, because isn’t that the point?Glad the waffles hit the spot! I haven’t had waffles in a while, but I did have pancakes this morning! Have a good day.

    • 06.14.10 8:06 pm

      Dance party – love it!! I’d definitely have to try that on a day the roomie isn’t home since she’s usually still in bed when I leave for work. Can’t imagine she’d appreciate it!

      I love, love, love yoga but haven’t been in AGES…perhaps it’s time to start going again!

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