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summer storms.


Normally, I’m one who is all in favor of summer thunderstorms. I completely love them, to be honest. But one passed through last night that had even me kind of nervous. The tornado warning siren was blaring, the house was shaking, I could hear branches crashing down, the power went out (and just came back on around 5:30 this evening!)…it was completely ridiculous. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such fierce lightening!

I got this picture around 2 am…no flash, no editing, just pure brightness from the storm.

And another. It’s not nearly as bright, but pretty eerie.

Crazy! Between the storm and the dog freaking out, it was after 3 by the time I finally fell asleep. So much for going to yoga at 6…I should have just stayed up!

So, since I didn’t know when the power was going to come back on, I didn’t want to open the fridge and let any of the cold air out (definitely one of those tricks I learned from mom!). Between that and the lack of electricity, breakfast and lunch were both take out today.

Breakfast was a salsa pepperjack bagel with veggie cream cheese and lunch was a veggie sub and a bag of BBQ chips from Jimmy John’s (compliments of my awesome boss!). Now that we have electricity again, I need to figure out my options for dinner and another round of the 30 Day Shred.

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