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fresh start.


I feel like June was a bit of a letdown. In a way, I feel like I only have myself to blame, but I firmly believe that it is more important to learn from the past than to dwell on the negative.

Getting sick twice definitely put a wrench in things. It completely messed with my appetite, energy levels, exercise patters, and so on. My June challenge of the 30 Day Shred feels like a bit of an epic disaster. I made it to Level 2, but only did (I think) three days.

But, tomorrow I am counting as a fresh start. I know, I know, why wait for tomorrow when you can do something today? I get that.

July 1 just seems so much more fitting. It’s not only the first day of a new month, but the first day of the second half of the year. We’ll call it my Half Year’s Resolution, if you will. Except not really, because I don’t even make New Year’s Resolutions. I feel like they are just destined for failure. So, it’s a fresh start.

I’ll do my first “official” weigh in tomorrow morning for what I’m calling The Home Stretch in my weight loss journey. I’ve got a spreadsheet all ready to go, complete with a chart, to track my progress. It’s going to be somewhere around 33 pounds, which I think is totally doable in six months if I focus.

Tonight, after three long, hectic, insanely busy days at work, I am enjoying a night of rest and relaxation. I am going to bed early, so I can be well-rested and ready to go for the fresh start that the morning will bring.

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