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españa for the win.


I spent the majority of the afternoon glued to the TV watching the final game of the 2010 World Cup. I was cheering for the Netherlands. (And definitely developed a crush on their goalie, Maarten. He is gorgeous!). Overall, it was not the most exciting game. Near the end, my satellite signal went out for about two minutes and of course it was in those two minutes that Spain scored the one and only goal of the two hour game. Congratulations to España for their first ever World Cup win. Better luck next time, Hollanders.

I snacked on Wheat Thins during the game. I think I had about two servings. Eating straight out of the bag is never the wisest idea.

For dinner, I made a favorite: pasta with pesto! I love, love, love pesto! I used Trader Joe’s spinach and chive linguine and Buitoni pesto with basil.

Delish! And the best part, it made enough for leftovers!

Off to relax for the rest of the night!

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  1. 07.11.10 8:49 pm

    Pasta is popular tonight! Such an easy, tasty dinner.

  2. 07.11.10 10:17 pm

    The blog looks great! I have a coupon for Buitoni pasta, but I always love making my own pasta and sauce. I get snobby when it comes to prepackaged foods!

  3. 07.12.10 5:31 pm

    that pesto looks DELISH. i love making it, smelling it, tasting it, eating it, blending it….. on nom nom! now my mouth is wateringgg.

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