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three months and a day.


I realized last night that tomorrow (the 17th) will mark three months until the Grand Rapids Half Marathon! Oh man, I seriously need to get moving!

I’ve been focusing a little less on running lately and a little more on other forms of cardio (elliptical, bike) and some strength training (30 Day Shred). I completely think that getting in a bit more of that more cross training type stuff is hugely important, the time has really come for me to focus on and think about race training! My training plan (see half marathon training tab) that I slightly modified from Hal Higdon’s plan starts on the 25th, but that also has me doing 4 miles by the end of the first week. This week, 2 miles was rough, so I have some work to do. It’s still crazy to think that only two months ago I was doing 10+ miles for my long runs and now I’m back to such small distances! I definitely regret letting myself take such a long break from running since the last race. I have a lot to work myself back up to.

I really want/need to do a better job at cross training this time around. I did little to none for the 25K and I think it definitely had a negative impact on my performance and time. Cross training is my friend!

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  1. 07.16.10 9:23 am

    I had no idea you were doing a half marathon so soon! I really don’t care for lng distance running. The idea sounds nice and all, but I get so bored inside my head! Have you considered yoga as cross training? I can show you some moves at the summit! It’s so soon!

    • 07.16.10 9:40 am

      I was never a big runner at all, let along long distance…but I love the challenge of it. It’s a good chance to just zone out or think or just get “away” for a bit. I used to do yoga quite frequently, but it’s been probably a year or so since I’ve gone. I really need/want to get back into it.

  2. 07.16.10 11:34 am

    Good luck with your training! I’ll be following along to hear how it goes since I’m running my 1st half this December. 🙂

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