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it’s all greek to me.


Happy Tuesday! The better question, is it really only Tuesday? I feel like it should be at least Thursday! Work wise, today was my Wednesday, since I took Friday off!

I was unusually tired this morning and I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s the after effects of yesterday’s not eating enough calories debacle? I don’t know the reason, but I was extra thankful for my coffee! I started the day with my usual Kashi breakfast. I’m boring with breakfast, but most mornings, just getting out the door on time seems to be a struggle!

As a celebratory lunch, my boss cooked us all a Greek meal for lunch today. How generous of her! I wasn’t super hungry, so I didn’t eat a ton (and the main dish I couldn’t eat, since it was meat). She told us the actual Greek names of all the food, but you get my American-ized descriptions. There were some seasoned potatoes, a yummy salad with feta and other various toppings, some really dense bread. There was other stuff as well, but none of which I ate.

My portion:

I felt almost rude not eating much, but I was just not hungry!

I met a friend that just moved back into town for dinner at Chipotle. YUM! Before I met her, I had half a dozen chocolate covered pretzels from an awesome store in Glen Arbor, MI called Cherry Republic. If you’re ever in the Traverse City area, go there. You won’t regret it!

For dinner, I had a vegetarian burrito. I kept it vegan by omitting the cheese and sour cream. It was still just as delicious. I’m slowly working on the switch to a vegan diet. It’s definitely not going to happen overnight, but I’ll get there!

Tonight is my first night of a two night stint of house/dog sitting. The dogs are two Golden Retrievers (Norman and Rosie), still fairly in the puppy stage. They’re about a year and a half, and completely rambunctious! I love dogs, though, so it’s fun. Not when they eat my shoes, like they did last time! I had a pair of Old Navy flip flops that they completely destroyed! They’re outside playing in the backyard for the time being. There’s an elliptical at the house which I was told I could use, so I’m definitely planning on getting in some exercise as soon as I finish writing!

Are you an animal person? I wish I had the time (and money) for a dog of my own! Hopefully someday sooner rather than later!

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