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oh, blog, how you were missed.


Yesterday, I had one of those days where I just had no desire to blog. I felt like I had nothing interesting or worthwhile to write, I didn’t eat anything all that spectacular. I had nothing to write, so I didn’t. The weird thing is, though, at the end of the day, I missed it! I didn’t realize how much I have really come to love being a part of this blog community!

I took today off of work and traveled about an hour to spend the weekend with my sister and her family. She and her husband have two of the cutest kids ever, Emma and Max. I love, love, love being Aunt Mindy!

I slept in a little bit, but was on the road by a little after 9. I had to stop and put air in my tires about halfway there and made a last minute decision to also stop by McDonald’s for an order of CinniMelts (not pictured). Mickey D’s is one place that I generally avoid like the plague, but the cinnamon gooeyness sounded so delicious!

While my niece was at her gymnastics class, my sister and I ran over to Panera Bread for a quick lunch. I did the “you pick two” combo and had half a Mediterranean veggie sandwich and a cup of vegetable pesto soup. Because, naturally the food you get when it’s 90 degrees out is a hot cup of soup!

I’m almost a month into my Home Stretch / Operation Bridesmaid weight loss challenge and I’m definitely feeling like No Weigh May was actually much more effective. As of this morning, a month in, I am right where I started, yet in May, when I didn’t step on the scale at all, I lost four pounds. I think that when I don’t get on the scale, I focus much more on eating healthy, eating when I’m hungry (and stopping when I’m full). Definitely the better way (no pun intended!) to live.

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