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such a morning person.


My family is off to church this morning, so I have the house to myself. Normally, I’d be at church on Sunday morning, too, but I’m quite partial to my own. I was up fairly early this morning, but it was nice to lounge around in bed, doze off and on.

My sister is such a morning person, which is a trait I wish I had. I suppose it helps to have kids that wake up early. She made sour cream coffeecake for breakfast, so that was a tasty treat to wake up to.

This coffeecake recipe is a childhood favorite. I remember my mom making it for Christmas morning breakfast. One year I particularly remember having it is the year I got my purple bike (which was also the year I learned Santa was a fallacy). I think it is so crazy how smells and certain foods can bring back such memories. Are there any foods that trigger memories like that for you?

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  1. 07.25.10 1:33 pm

    Oh my yes.. Let me think. Maple syrup on pancakes will always remind me of spending the night at my grandmother’s. And when I add pumpkin to my oats, I can’t help but think of Thanksgiving. 🙂

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