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hamstring help.


Happy hump day!! I can’t believe it is already Wednesday! This week is flying by! I have a call for help from runners to talk about, but first the not as exciting stuff. 🙂

I started the day off with some waffles. I have decided to stop buying reduced fat/reduced sugar products and get the real stuff instead. I feel like a) to reduce (fill in the blank) it often involves adding some artificial stuff I don’t want in my body, and b) the real stuff just tastes so much better! So, this started with my syrup! YUM, I forgot how good real syrup is!

Lunch was a random combination.

An enchilada from last night:


And, some trail mix:

Completely random, but it all sounded so good when I was putting my lunch together this morning. Plus, the enchiladas are going to last me forever, so I need to make work on eating those. Do enchiladas freeze well?

I had a piece of rum cake as an afternoon snack.

Here’s where my call for help comes in! I went for a run after work and barely a mile in, my hamstring started hurting. This has been a recent problem and was actually the thing that made my 25K in May almost unbearable by the end. It gets so tight! Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas/advice about what I can do? I hear a lot about foam rollers, would that help?

Despite the hamstring issues, I was fairly determined to finish my planned 3 miles, even if it meant walking some of it (I think I ended up walking about 3/4 of a mile). My time was 35:22 (11:47 pace). Not amazing, but I was so proud for not giving up!

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  1. 07.29.10 8:07 am

    Stretching & foam rolling, the answers to all things running injuries 😉

  2. 07.29.10 1:49 pm

    I love love love my Foam Roller. It makes a huge difference. There’s also a stretch you can do…stand up straight, cross one leg over the other keeping your feet on the ground and then bend at the waist. Good stretch.

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