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not blonde, just hungry and tired.


So, I forgot my camera at home this morning, so no pictures to share. Breakfast was the always nutritional strawberry Pop-Tarts. I contribute it to PMS, but every so often, I get a major craving for Pop-Tarts…is that weird? Lunch was the rest of my vegetable quinoa salad from last night’s dinner and some Chobani.

We had a reception at work to honor one of the major donors for our new building, so after that, some of my coworkers and I went out for happy hour, which turned into happy (almost) three hours. I had a raspberry martini (which had more raspberries in it than actual liquid), and a rum and Diet.

By the time I got home at like 8:30, I was so tired and hungry that I just wanted something quick and easy to eat, so I made myself a peanut butter and honey sandwich. Well, the sandwich was almost gone before I realized that the reason it didn’t taste quite right was because I grabbed the bottle of Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup instead of the honey! For anyone curious, peanut butter and syrup, not such a good combination. All I could do was laugh because I found it absolutely, 100 percent hysterical!

And that last story pretty much sums up my day (which also included slipping on the recently waxed floor and bruising my left foot with the heel of my right shoe). It was completely one of those days where all I could do was laugh at the way things were going. The sandwich just topped it all off. With that, it’s not even 9, it’s still complete daylight out, and I’m ready for bed.

Bring on Friday!

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  1. 07.29.10 9:29 pm

    I couldn’t help but laugh, too! I hope your foot is okay. Maple syrup and peanut butter aren’t too bad together, but honey is a much better match. Especially in sandwich form! Sounds like you had a fun happy hour(s), especially with the delicious raspberry martini.

    • 07.30.10 12:58 pm

      Yeah, I still laugh when I tell people the story…I told my family which was probably a mistake because I’ll never hear the end of it. Ah, such is life. The foot is okay…I’ve got a wicked bruise, but it doesn’t hurt anymore which is good!

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