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stay away, edward.


Oh, Saturday, how I love thee.

It’s not quite 1 and I feel like I have gotten so much done already today. Library, check. Bank, check. Target, check. Cleaning the apartment, check in progress.

After my usual Kashi breakfast, I was off running some errands this morning. I spent way more at Target than planned, but isn’t that how it usually works? I made an impulse buy when I was waiting in the checkout line.


These were one of my favorite candies growing up and I haven’t had them in ages! No, I didn’t eat the whole box.

Once I got home, I threw together a quick lunch: roasted cauliflower with some salt, pepper, and cumin, and chunks of garlic. I had a piece of toast with some Smart Balance and garlic power.

Apparently, I’m trying to keep Edward Cullen away. I have been on a huge garlic kick lately! It’s just so good!

This afternoon, I need to make more progress in cleaning the apartment and get a 4 mile run in at some point.

What are your big weekend plans?

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