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resistance is (not) futile.


First off, if you found my site through Caitlin’s (Operation Beautiful and Healthy Tipping Point) Change the Way You See, Not the Way You Look week, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read a bit of my heart. I hope you enjoyed my contribution. Feel free to get to know a bit more about me and my journey here.

Monday, Monday, Monday. Oh, to start a week of with a minor crisis at the office. Fortunately, thanks to it being the last day of our temp worker, the crisis was also made better with a celebration the included cupcakes!

I had my usual bowl of Kashi for breakfast, and a delicious, sugar-filled vanilla cupcake for a morning snack.

Why, yes, that is a plastic ring with a picture of the Toy Story aliens on it. If you can’t find the right guy to give you a diamond, this does the trick almost as well. I can just hear them now, “Ooo, the claw…”

Lunch was another bean enchilada from the pan that will not end. I seriously feel like I have been eating these for ages. Good thing I like them!

I paired it with some plain Chobani mixed with some Pecan Crunch. I think it looked a little like a Dairy Queen blizzard. Didn’t quite taste like one though!

I was quite proud of myself today. While I didn’t resist the morning cupcake break, I did resist not only the homemade chocolate chip cookies, but also the pretzel crust/chocolate/walnut/caramel amazingness. Yes, that is the exact title of the recipe, I’m quite sure. But, when I found out that the little 8×8″ pan had two sticks of butter, I couldn’t do it. One treat per day is enough anyhow. Resistance is not futile, my friends.

After work I headed to the Y for the longest workout of my life. Okay, not quite. The longest in almost three months, though. I ran two miles (20:38 minutes), and then decided to get back into Zumba! I seriously forgot how much of a workout that is! It’s so much fun though!

I grabbed a bottle of Gatorade at the snack bar when I was heading out. It’s not really my favorite drink, but I need the calories and the electrolytes ASAP.

Then, I made a quick dinner when I got home. A Boca chik’n sandwich with some honey mustard, tomato, and onion on a slice of flaxseed bread. I think I’m weird in that I’m rarely hungry after heavy workouts. I feel like I should be, but I usually end up eating because I know I need to after burning so many calories. According to my Polar, I burned over 1,000 calories! I know the accuracy of heart rate monitors is not always the best, but I usually feel like it’s a pretty good estimate.

And, with that, I am exhausted. I am absolutely determined to get eight hours of sleep tonight.

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