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august 3 #fitblog.


Introduction: Please tell us one way you pushed yourself this week.
On Monday, I had my fastest times for running that I’ve had in quite awhile! It was tough, but I’m determined to improve my speed.

Question 1: What are your exercise habits – indoor or outdoor? Alone or with friends? Time of day? And why?
I am mostly an indoor person, partly because the majority of the year it’s either too cold and snowy or too hot and humid for my liking, but also because I figure if I’m paying to be a member of the Y, I want to get the most out of my money! I mostly prefer to go alone, but I’ll do some classes like Zumba or yoga, but that’s not really with friends so much as just random people who also happen to be there. I feel like when I go with friends, most of the time, I don’t work as hard because I get caught up in chatting. I do like doing my long runs with a friend though, because it can be nice to have someone pushing me to keep going. I am definitely not a morning person for working out. Most days, it can be a struggle to get myself to work by 8! I’d love to be a morning exercise person, but I just don’t foresee that happening, well, ever. I usually go after I get out of work.

Question 1 follow-up: How much influence do other things (weather, kids) have on your routine?
The biggest outside influence for me is “real life” stuff like work/professional development events, or even just opportunities spend time with friends. When it’s friends, I try to work around that timewise, but the other events are harder since I feel like I still need to look nice and rarely want to go through the whole process of getting ready (showering, hair, makeup) twice in one day. If it ends early enough, I’ll go afterwards.

Question 2: What keeps you motivated to exercise when a bad night’s sleep, weather or your child isn’t cooperating?
Honestly, the biggest struggle I have with motivation is myself. A lot of days, it’s really a mental battle to get myself to go. There are a few things that keep me motivated though. The first, and probably biggest, is weight. I’ve come so far in my weight loss journey already, I don’t want to backpedal more than what I already have. Reaching that elusive goal weight is always in the back of my mind. I’ve also starting using races as motivation too. I always want to do better than the last time, so that keeps me going (most days).

Question 2 follow-up: If you can’t do your favorite workout, what’s your next best Plan B exercise routine?
Usually a workout DVD, either one of Jillian Michaels’ (30 Day Shred or I just bought No More Trouble Zones) or a Biggest Loser. I actually did the yoga one last night because I didn’t make it to the class. If it’s nice outside, getting out for a long walk is always great. There’s a small lake in my city that is a four mile perimeter and so pretty to walk around.

Question 3: If you could be anywhere on the planet and tie your adventure into keeping fit, where would it be (ex, hiking up Mt. Everest)?
Oh man, there are so many options! Swimming or scuba diving in somewhere warm and tropical (Hawaii, Fiji, etc.), backpacking through Europe, biking through Italy (although this would also likely involve eating my way through Italy, so that might defeat the purpose!), running a race in every state. Shoot, I could go on for awhile with this one, but my deep desire to travel and see the world is likely what is adding to that.

Question 3 follow-up: Do you have any upcoming exciting adventures on the horizon? Tell us what you have planned!
Nothing too major right now, at least compared to what I’ve already done this year. I went on a cruise in February and a long weekend in Nashville. I am going to the Healthy Living Summit in Chicago next weekend, so I’m really excited for that! It’s going to be great to meet so many awesome people and learn!!! Not to mention, I love, love, love Chicago!

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  1. 08.4.10 10:42 am

    You do have an exciting adventure: the healthy living summit!! I know I am excited. You got No More Trouble Zones? Let me know how you like it. I have loving it. It is starting to get old after a little over a month, but it is so convenient to work out with Jillian. She makes me feel really strong and great about myself!

    • 08.4.10 11:19 am

      Haha, I really need to proofread before I publish – I had actually talked about HLS, but somehow that whole answer for the last question was MIA! I did get NMTZ…I will definitely share my thoughts after I do it once or twice!

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