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sinus infections are no fun.


Well, most of the weekend, I had an increasingly sore throat. It started out just bothering me in the morning on Friday, then morning and into the afternoon on Saturday, all day Sunday, finally keeping me home from work today. This morning, I caved and made an appointment with the doctor. What I thought was strep throat turned out to actually be a sinus infection.

Before my weight loss, I was the queen of sinus infections. I could feel one coming a mile away and told the doctor in a very matter-of-fact manner that was my diagnosis. Nine times out of ten I was right. This was at least three times a year.

Since I lost weight, sinus infections have been almost non-existent. I think I have had maybe one in the past two or three years. This time around, I didn’t have any of the normal symptoms I used to have, so this definitely caught me by surprise. I was convinced it was strep. And this, my friends, is yet another reason I am not a doctor.

This hits just a few days before I leave for Chicago and the Healthy Living Summit, no less! Fortunately, the antibiotics usually start working within 48 hours, so I am confident I’ll be feeling fine by then. So, I am completely grateful that it hit over the weekend and not in another day or two.

Since I can’t swallow much of anything, my food intake has been quite limited. This morning, I had a couple pieces of Dakota bread from Great Harvest Bread, Co. with pumpkin butter.

Not the greatest combination, but my taste buds might not be 100% either.

On my way to the doctor, I swung through Starbucks and got a soy caramel macchiato. The warmth felt amazing on my throat! The rest of the evening is going to consist of green tea and a bowl ice cream. I have the energy level of a sloth, so I’m going to curl up with a book and my journal, and later watch my boys from Glee host the Teen Choice Awards. Cory Monteith, Mark Salling, Kevin McHale, and Chris Colfer = love, love, love. Yes, I am almost 27 and going to watch the TCAs, and I am (mostly) not ashamed to admit it! (But, does it make me old that I remember when the show started?)

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  1. 08.9.10 11:43 pm

    You are not old. At least not much older than me. I turn 26 in September. I hope your sinus infection goes away by this weekend. We need you at your best!!

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