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hello new friends.


Just a quick hello to all of you who have ventured over from Skinny Runner! Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my site, I really appreciate it!

Just a bit about me: as you saw on Sarah’s page, I’ve lost about 70 pounds over the last couple years. After becoming somewhat addicted to numbers (be it, weight, calories, clothing sizes, etc.) I realized it was completely unhealthy. I was focused so much more on the numbers and not on what I was eating. I still have about 30ish pounds until I reach my goal weight that I set when I started my journey, but it’s been a huge struggle to get there.

Recognizing that my focus on numbers may not be the way to go, in May of this year, also the same month I launched my site, I did No Weigh May. I weighed myself May 1 and then put the scale away for a month. I focused on eating intuitively and healthy, and at the end of the month I lost four pounds! It definitely showed me that is the way to live, not focusing on the numbers. I feel so much happier and healthier living that kind of life! I definitely still enjoy eating – I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with having something sweet every day! In fact, I consider it highly important. It keeps me sane and from binging after too many days of depriving myself. Here’s the key: it’s just all about the moderation – sadly, something sweet is not a slice of cheesecake every day!

I hope you enjoy what you read and come back again!

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