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sometimes I crave the weirdest things.


I am slowly starting to feel back to my normal self. I feel like this summer has been one of just being sick or feeling lousy, between food poisoning, migraines, and now this sinus infection. Self, stay healthy! I’m done with this!

I went into work around 11, so I could have a bit more time to sleep this morning. I was sweating like crazy, so I decided to let my hair air dry rather than add more heat with the dryer. EPIC mistake. I definitely forgot that a bunch of the major donors were touring the building today and I looked less than quality. Such is life.

On the way out the door, I threw a couple PopTarts in the toaster for a brunch of sorts.

Sometimes, I have the weirdest cravings when I don’t feel good. All I wanted once I got home was guac and chips! Because, naturally the thing to eat when you have a sore throat is salty, scratchy tortilla chips. It definitely hit the spot though!

What do you crave when you don’t feel good?

I almost always know I’m getting sick because it’s the only time I crave orange juice. Any other time, I could take it or leave it, but when something is coming on, orange juice it is! Pudding and ice cream are also big favorites (although not so weird). A bowl of mint chocolate chip is definitely in order later tonight!

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  1. 08.10.10 5:08 pm

    1. Excited to meet you this weekend!
    2. I always crave Chinese food when I’m sick, for some reason!

  2. 08.10.10 6:42 pm

    Tomato soup with grilled cheese. It comforts me so much. And ice cream of course. Chocolate. From Dairy Queen. When I was little, my parntes would get me a chocolate ice cream cone when I was sad. It worked every time!

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