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special events are bad for the waistline.


Happy hump day! I only have a day and a half left of work before hitting the road for the 2010 Healthy Living Summit in the Windy City! I’m finally starting to feel healthy again; not 100%, but making progress. Rather than feeling like I got hit by a bus, today it feels more like an SUV.

I was absolutely dragging this morning! My alarm went off for literally 30 minutes before I heard it! Good thing I give myself extra time in the morning! Days like this definitely necessitate a coffee run on the way to the office. Soy caramel latte? Yes please!

Don’t let that big sun on the cup fool you…it was far from sunshine here in Michigan today. Ridiculous thunderstorms this morning! It definitely felt like the kind of day you should be curled up with a blanket, some tea, and a good book or chick flicks. But, alas, work it was.

I had some of the blugar/veggie mix from last night’s stuffed red peppers for lunch. Without the extra flavor from the pepper and blue cheese, it was kind of bland. I definitely need to spice it up when I eat the rest of it.

The college I work for just opened a sparkling, shining brand new building and there are a slew of grand opening events to thank the major donors and the public for their support. Naturally, said events necessitate food. And, what happens with the leftovers? The staff gets them! While I love that we get the leftovers and they don’t throw it away (yay for being earth friendly!), it may not be the greatest thing for my waistline considering these events are once or twice a week for the next month. Fortunately, it’s all small portions. It definitely does necessitate some degree of willpower though. Today, I had a piece of some marble cheesecake and a healthified it with an apple.

Dessert definitely came first, as I firmly believe it should!

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  1. 08.12.10 11:26 am

    marble cheesecake!?! that looks HEAVENLY.

  2. 08.12.10 11:43 am

    I love pairng something sweet and indulgent with something healthy. That way I feel satisfied from the treat both mentally and physically. I always eat the treat first, too! That looks like an amazing piece of cheesecake!

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