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t minus twenty(ish) hours.


In approximately 20 hours, I finally be on my way to Chicago for the Healthy Living Summit! I’m not excited or anything. Ha! On the contrary, it’s been at the forefront of my mind most of the week. I’m slightly nervous about timing. I’m leaving Michigan at 2 tomorrow afternoon (1, Chicago time), so I’m really hoping to get to the city at a decent time with Friday rush hour traffic. I’ve got a cocktail party to get to!

I met up for dinner with Andrea, the friend who’s wedding I’m in this fall. We went to our standard place, Bar Louie, for some half-off appetizers. We were the joy of all waitstaff around the world. Water to drink and a half-off appetizer for a meal. Don’t worry, I left a good tip to make up for the lack of money on the bill.

We each got one item and shared. Sharing is caring, people. Live it, love it!

We had the bruschetta and toast points.

I’ll be honest, once the bread ran out, I ate the bruschetta plain. I have no shame.

We also had the chips and trio dip which included salsa, queso, and guacamole.

Great food and I always love quality time with my fabulous friend!

Now that I’m home, I have one mission:


I have changed my mind about about what clothes to bring about thirteen times this week. I need to just make a decision, put everything in, and call it a day. Nobody is going to care what I’m wearing, right?

So flipping excited for this weekend! If you recognize me, come introduce yourself! I love new friends! And, what a great opportunity to meet 200 new people! I love being around people and being social, so I think I’ll be totally in my element. Plus, I get to hang out with lots of other people who take pictures of their food, which is awesome.

Do you enjoy big crowds and being around people you don’t know?

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  1. 08.12.10 7:42 pm

    Mmm, bruschetta is my FAVORITE !!

    🙂 I would SO love to be there… I am very social and like meeting new friends 🙂


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