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healthy living summit. saturday part two.


Hello again from the Healthy Living Summit! I love spending a weekend with other people who photograph their food! Where else do you get sights like this?

After this morning’s snack break, I went to Nicole’s session on Stepping Up Your Blog Photography. I definitely learned a lot about how to better utilize my camera!

Next up was the Arnold and Orowheat sponsored lunch. It was absolutely delicious and I feel like I ate probably way too much!

I had some great food!

And an epic lemon bar for dessert!

I hit up the blogger panelist after lunch: The Ups and Downs of Pressing Publish: Getting Real about the Blogging Community featuring the fabulous Anne, Heather, Julie, Sana, and Andrea.

This session was completely much needed and definitely gave me a lot of thoughts and ideas about my own site. Details coming soon!

Next was The Five Ws of Strength Training with Chandra. I am horrible about making strength training a priority, so this was a really useful session! I feel very inspired to add a couple days to my routine when I get home!

Right now, we’re on the Athenos break with lots of feta and hummus based snacks!

Off to the final session of the day and then a class with LA Boxing!

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  1. Beth permalink
    08.14.10 8:02 pm

    awesome meeting you today!! i can’t wait to watch those sessions later – i attended the opposite sessions of you.

  2. 08.14.10 10:11 pm

    um, I’d LOVE to be friends! as long as you don’t mind my social awkwardness, haha. yay for GR blog friends. 🙂

  3. 08.15.10 3:35 pm

    I’m excited for all the sessions to go online. I think the information must have been helpful. Glad you had a great time.

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