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founders = love.


I realized around 5 this evening that minus the bag of Sun Chips I had out of my Healthy Living Summit swag bag (which was ridiculously packed full of goodness), I hadn’t eaten since breakfast! Oops!

Fortunately, my dad and stepmom were coming to town for dinner! We went to Founders Brewery which is, far and away, one of my favorite local hangouts. They have a ton of sandwiches and munchies.

I had the Tree Hugger which is amazing. But, let’s be honest, if someone puts avocado on something, the odds that I’ll think it’s amazing are pretty high. But, really, this was.

I enjoyed a mix of two of their brews: half Oatmeal Stout and half Dirty Bastard, which is more affectionately known as Dirty Oats. To whomever thought of such a combination: good job, you!

Best part of the evening? The Grand Rapids Jazz Orchestra was playing! Who doesn’t love a meal with some great music? I’m a fan.

Now, I need to go finish finding places for all my swag and get some much needed sleep! I am absolutely exhausted!

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  1. Molly permalink
    08.15.10 9:26 pm

    yum! Looks like an awesome sandwich!

    I miss this weekend already 😦 I better see you there next year!

    Welcome home!


  2. 08.16.10 7:36 am

    Oh my goodness, that looks like an amazing beer. I love a good beer, especially a stout. The combination you had sounds incredible. Glad you got home safely! It was awesome meeting and roomng with you this weekend!

  3. 08.16.10 1:30 pm

    So sad this weekend is overrrrr it was so fun to meet you!!!!

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