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healthy living summit. saturday part three.


The final session of the Summit was a talk on Stop Staring Over Your Shoulder: How to Avoid the Self-Comparison Trap. Katie started off the talk sharing a bit of her story and what the healthy living blog community has done in her life.

It was by far one of the highlights of the whole day. I think a good portion of the room got a bit teary-eyed listening. I know I did! It made me feel so proud to be a part of such an epic group of people.

The rest of the session featured Caitlin and Gena talking about the ups and downs of both food and fitness blogging.

And, with that, the main part of the Summit was finished. But, the fun was not over! I attended a class at LA Boxing. Thirteen people signed up, but only to of us showed up, so it was more personal training session than actual class. It was intense and after being sick for most the week, my energy and strength got zapped pretty quickly. I had to take a break for a bit when I got light headed, but overall it was a great experience! I’m definitely not the next world champion boxer, but I had fun trying!

The last outing of the night was a group dinner at the Chicago Curry House!

Thanks to the fabulous Gina for the photo!

We shared some vegetable appetizers.

And a family style meal including channa masala and baigan bhartha.

Gina gets the credit for this picture too. Mine turned out all blurry and just all around no good.

And, what is an Indian meal without some naan?

And there were also a couple glasses of wine. Delicious.

By the time we left, most everyone was exhausted, but it was completely worth it! What an absolutely wonderful day!

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  1. Beth permalink
    08.16.10 10:01 am

    looks yummy – it was good meeting you!

  2. gina (fitnessista) permalink
    08.16.10 11:26 am

    thank you again so much for coming to the indian party, mindy! it was so great to meet you ❤
    have a wonderful week 😀

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