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I heart swag.


So, the Healthy Living Summit sponsors (and everyone else that donated stuff for the bags) rock!! I think I have enough Summit swag to last me quite some time! So, I made good use of it today!

I started out in my new job as spokeswoman for Oroweat.

Okay, so I actually just used my new coffee mug. No real spokeswoman here.

I grabbed my GloBar to eat on the road. I have heard so many people rave about these, so I was stoked to find one in the swag bag!

Well worth the hype! I loved every bite!!!

Lunch continued my swag bag usage thanks to my Subway giftcard! I got my usual: a 6″ veggie on wheat with pepperjack cheese and a little honey mustard.

I was super excited to see a brand new flavor of SunChips!

I will definitely never be able to get a full size bag because I would surely eat the whole thing in one sitting. Polish it off. By myself. And then probably hang my head in shame.

Around 3, I wanted to dig into the jar of mini Twix bars I keep on my desk. I resisted and Chobani won out. Not quite the same thing as the chocolate goodness that is a Twix, but it sufficed. Sort of.

Tonight is the annual summer party that one of my coworkers hosts. It was a great time last year, so I’m excited to go!

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  1. 08.17.10 5:39 pm

    I wouldn’t mind having all that loot to use either. They did you guys up nice. 😀

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