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summer is for backyard parties.


One of my coworkers and his wife hosted their annual backyard party for the staff this evening. It is always nice to connect with people outside of the office setting, especially something as relaxing and low-key as this evening was.

What’s a party without some wine?

I had a small plate for appetizers. Just carrots and some dip, nothing too fancy.

It’s events like this that being a vegetarian can be somewhat of a hassle. I wasn’t exactly jumping up and down for the fried chicken. There were a couple other options that I wasn’t sure were “safe” or not, like baked beans, so I bypassed those. Thankfully there were some other options that I knew were safe (read: meat free!)!

Enter bread, potato salad, and macaroni salad; some perfect summertime foods in my humble opinion! It was actually only last summer I discovered I like potato salad, is that weird?

Watermelon! I could eat my weight’s worth in this stuff!

Dessert makes me happy. Almond sheet cake and sangria. They had these almond bars last year and I was beyond ecstatic to see them again this time around.

Great food. Full belly. Happy Mindy. The end.

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  1. 08.18.10 10:07 am

    Mindy, those almond bars look so great. I need to come up with a recipe for something similar. I love the taste and smell of almonds in baked goods. I honestly couldn’t imagine being a vegetarian at parties and chain restaurants. The options just aren’t the most appealing! Hope you have a great day.

  2. 08.18.10 11:51 am

    I love summertime backyard parties! I’m all about the white wine, though. 🙂 And that almond sheet cake looks so good.

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