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just one of those days that a girl goes through.


You know those days where the whole Murphy’s Law idea of what can go wrong, will go wrong feels like it’s in full force?

That was my day. There was some stress and drama, and then boy trouble was the icing on the cake.

I could definitely go into all the details, but I’ll share you the pain because it’s probably boring to you, but more importantly because I didn’t start blogging as a place to vent. I’ve got my own private journal to turn to for that.

So then, why even bring it up, you might be wondering?

I mention it because it definitely made me aware of something about myself. When I’m stressed, I not only turn to food, I turn to junk food.

Hence, the following:

So the cashews, not actually junk food. But, there was also a couple undocumented handfuls of some sour gummy cherry candies and a vegan brownie that probably more than negate the cashews. And, yes, this was the sum of my food intake thus far today.

I honestly don’t have a problem with the rare days of eating lots of sugar, junky stuff. It’s definitely not a healthy habit to maintain, by any means, but on the rare occasion, I’m mostly okay with it. Perhaps that doesn’t live up to the healthy living lifestyle, but if I’m being honest, sometimes, I just need a junk fest. Well, perhaps not so much need as just want, but you get the idea.

I realized today though, that it is a completely unhealthy way to deal with my stress and emotions. In a sudden epiphany type moment, I realized that this habit is perhaps the exact reason that lead me on a journey of being overweight, which ultimately turned into a vicious cycle. I was not a happy camper for much of my teen years and found comfort in calories. Like with anyone who has experienced being overweight, the gain wasn’t noticeable at first, but the heavier I got, the more I turned to food, which in turn added on more weight.

I think know I have come so far from that stage in my life. I’ve learned to love wholesome, nutritious foods that I wouldn’t have touched with a ten foot pole a couple years ago. I’ve learned that ice cream and cake is actually okay, but it’s all about portion sizes and moderation.

But, I’m not perfect. Nobody is.

In those moments when the stress relief habits I’ve developed in lieu of food are not an option, since I really can’t just curl up with a book or go for a run in the middle of the workday, I need to work on finding habits that are an option at my desk, particularly in those days like today when it feels like nothing is going well.

How do you deal with stress?

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  1. 08.18.10 6:14 pm

    I drink tea and do some desk stretches to relieve the stresses at work a bit. If you keep snacks such as fruits, nuts, and yogurt handy while at work, even if you do eat while stressed, at least what you’re putting in your body is helpful and not harmful. An occasional treat is, of course, perfectly okay.

    Hope whatever is stressing you out is sorted out soon. ❤

  2. cookeatburn permalink
    08.18.10 10:06 pm

    Boo on the boy trouble! I struggle with not dealing with stress by eating, but going on a walk is usually a good way for me to blow some steam. Not so easy when there’s a bunch of snow on the ground come winter though! Then I like to cook and bake… which is fine as long as I’ve got people to bring most of the baked goods too :).

  3. 08.19.10 7:40 am

    The only thing that works for me in those moments is chugging some sparkly water, chewing gum, and squeezing a stress ball like crazy. Sometimes I actually have to yell at myself to be kind to myself. There is actually an accelerated state of function that our brain goes into when we are stressed like this. Food and other addictive substances calm you down, but there are other ways. Do you keep a journal? Maybe have one at your desk to write down anxious thoughts when they come?

  4. 08.19.10 10:13 am

    I think this is such an awesome realization! I think it’s very common for us to turn to comfort foods and sweet treats when we are stressed…but you’re right in that there are healthier ways to deal with the actual issue at hand. I try to confront the issue and figure out how to work through it – sometimes just venting to a friend (or my sister or Billy) to get things off my chest and gain some clarity/perspective.

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