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today will be a great day.


Happy Thursday!

Today is going so much better than yesterday on so many levels which makes me happy. As I was getting ready this morning, I mentally psyched myself up for the day with the “today will be a great day” mantra. I definitely needed something to make that break from yesterday.

Today was weigh-in day and I was pleased with a loss of half a pound. It’s not much, but I know it’s healthier to lose weight slower, and it also helps in keeping it off. I am still working on not focusing too much on the numbers, but regardless, it is always an encouragement to see them going down!

I stopped for a latte this morning. I try to limit my morning “fancy coffee” stops to only once a week, at most, partially because I know it’s not the most ideal breakfast and partially because it gets so expensive! Those babies add up quick! But, today was the day for my treat!

I was a bit disappointed to not make a trip for some deep dish pizza while I was in Chicago this weekend. So, I was quite excited when I saw DiGiornio had miniature ones! The only vegetarian friendly one was the four cheese.

It was super greasy when it finished heating up. In trying to soak up some of that, I ended up pulling a good majority of the cheese off with it! There wasn’t a ton of cheese to begin with, so that was kind of unfortunately. Oops!

The verdict? Not terrible, but I don’t know that I’ll run out and buy one again. Take me to Gino’s East anytime!

I had two miniature Reese’s for a mid-afternoon snack. Let’s be real, what kind of day is it without some chocolate? Just no good, I say!

Tonight is my monthly Grand Rapids Dinner Club! We’re doing a Persian restaurant tonight!

What’s your favorite ethnic food? I can eat Mexican or Indian any day of the week!

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  1. 08.19.10 6:41 pm

    I love Mexican and Mediterranean! I can eat my weight in guacamole and hummus. 🙂

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