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office potluck = yummy food.


I love productivity! I was out of the house by like 7:15 this morning so I could get a couple errands done, and I was still at my desk, finished a post, and was working by 8! Now, if only every morning could go that smooth.

Since I was eating on the road, I grabbed my last package of PopTarts. They’re a dangerous food for me to keep around the house. They were a breakfast staple of my childhood so they definitely are reminiscent of that time. I am pretty exclusive to the frosted strawberry flavor. I remember my mom’s homemade pancakes, as well. I still ask her to make them almost every time I’m home. I have the recipe, but they just seem so much better with a little motherly love thrown in!

What breakfast food reminds you of your childhood?

The office potluck was a raging success! There was a ridiculous amount of food. Not surprisingly, I was fairly limited on what I could eat, but I found enough that worked. I had some veggies with a red pepper dip, fresh fruit, a little scoop of pasta salad, a couple chips, and some black bean/corn salsa with blue corn tortilla chips.

I had one of the muffins I brought and a caramel brownie for dessert. I had a lot of the “how can your site be a healthy living blog if you eat stuff like that?” questioning. I tried (and I think, failed) that dessert is actually okay, that it’s all about moderation. I still (and always) will maintain that the day isn’t complete without a little something sweet! Maybe I’m wrong, but if that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right!

One of the ladies does a lot of cake decorating and made this gorgeous fall themed cake! The picture seriously does not do it justice! She is so talented, don’t you think? I think a cake decorating class would be a blast!

What culinary type class would you want to take?

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  1. cookeatburn permalink
    08.20.10 5:09 pm

    I love your breakfast food question! Staples at my house were pop-tarts (cinnamon sugar or s’more flavor), toaster strudels, and Waffle Crisp cereal. Yes, we were very healthy ;). And toaster strudels are definitely a danger food around me – mostly because they aren’t filling so I eat 1 or 2 and want another 2!

    Congrats on your productive morning!

  2. 08.21.10 1:09 am

    Well I went to culinary school, so I pretty much took every class under the sun! I have yet to work with gastronomy though! I’d love to dabble in that! I always ate plain cheerios as a kid! I still love them. simple, healthy, and tasty! I’m also a jew so bagels and lox are always welcome at breakfast (or anytime!)

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