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cake makes life a happier place.


I wish I could duplicate today’s lunch every day.

Well, not really. It’d get boring really, really fast and it wasn’t actually anything all that spectacular, it just really hit the spot.

I think it was all those cravings for fresh, wholesome foods.

Some fruit.

A few little squares of cheese.

And some Oikos. Thanks for the coupon, Stonyfield! I love how much the Summit sponsors hooked us up!

The caramel flavor? So good.

I worked through my lunch so I could take a mid-afternoon walk slash Starbucks run. I had heard rumors of the seasonal return of the pumpkin spice latte which is my favorite. Well, second favorite. The merrimint mocha is by far the first, but I get to have the pumpkin spice sooner, so that makes it better for now. I have weird logic sometimes.

I was a bit disappointed there was not the pumpkin spice yet. But, only a bit because pumpkin spice means fall which I am just not ready for, mostly because fall means winter is not far behind and I am never ready for a Michigan winter! If we could go from fall, have a few weeks of snow at Christmastime, then transition right into spring, that would be awesome. Where can I find such a place to live?

So, rather than the pumpkin spice, I had a soy caramel macchiato. Almost as tasty. Almost.

And, what’s a Tuesday without sharing some Operation Beautiful love? πŸ™‚

We had a mini-celebration for one of the temps that worked with us this summer. Celebration equals cake. Cake makes life a happier place, especially when they knew that I don’t like chocolate, so they got a white cake AND a chocolate one. Okay, so it wasn’t really because of me, but we can pretend! πŸ˜‰

I’m doing some last minute dog sitting for a couple days, so I ran home after work to grab clothes and all the other essentials (you know, like my laptop and battery charger!), and some food. It’s a bit up in the air how long I’m staying, since the people I’m doing this for had to head out of town due to a death in the family. My apartment isn’t terribly far from the house though, so I’ll probably just swing by after work every day.

Dinner was my leftovers from last week’s dinner club outing. Five days later, the pitas were not actually pita-like; that day had passed. They were a bit harder, more of a cracker consistency. They were still good though!

Perfect to finish off the baba ghannouj and couscous salad!

Time to go give the puppies some attention!

What made your day better today?

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  1. 08.25.10 9:14 am

    My boyfriend invited me out wth his friend to the bar. It felt great to be included and I really needed a couple of beers and some venting with them. So that definitely ended my day on a great note! You don’t like chocolate? Really? That is craziness, but I do agree, cake does make for a happier place. Whatever the place may be.

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