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too much of not the right stuff.


I have not been treating my body well the past few days. Apparently the Summit motivation took a temporary vacation! I’ve been eating too much junky, processed stuff, not drinking enough water, and definitely not getting in exercise.

My body is revolting. I just feel kind of, well, gross.

I’m craving the things that will help me take care of my body the right way: whole and fresh food, nutrients, water, activity, and quality sleep.

This is definitely a change over the past few years, that I would not only recognize how my body is reacting to the junk I’ve been “fueling” it with, but that I would have the awareness to get back on track.

I started out the day with a simple breakfast: peanut butter on an Arnold Sandwich Thin (thanks for the plethora of coupons at the Summit, Arnold!)

The protein from the peanut butter was just the thing I needed this morning!

After a good breakfast, I’ve got lots of good, wholesome stuff for lunch and my gym bag is packed and ready to go!

Here’s to a new day and a fresh start!

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  1. 08.24.10 12:09 pm

    Fresh starts are always good! Enjoy your lovely day!

    PS. I’m craving PB now!

  2. 08.24.10 2:09 pm

    Remember, it is never too late to eat good food and snacks. It’s okay to take a break from all healthy foods and things in general. It teaches us how great it feels to treat our bodies well. This is why moderation is great. It’s good to treat yourself!

  3. 08.25.10 12:57 am

    I’m right there with ya, girl! for some reason, this week so far has been very blah for me, too. but our choices don’t dictate us – and a few bad days isn’t the end of the world. you seem strong; I think you’ll get your motivation back in no time. πŸ˜‰

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