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I have four words: thank God it’s Friday! Oh man, what a week!

This was my view most of last evening. It was quite lovely.

Someday, a house as wonderfully quaint as the one I have been house sitting at will be my own. I look forward to the day when I can sit in the sunroom after a long day at work with my (currently nonexistent) husband, a good book, a glass of wine, and watch our dogs and kids run around the backyard. It makes my heart happy.

But, since I don’t have that yet, back to reality!

Breakfast was a latte run on the way into the office and boy was I glad for it! I really needed the energy boost today! There was some serious craziness going on today!

Mid-morning, I started to eat a diet bar that a coworker was passed out earlier in the week. It was a FullBar.

I only ate about two bites and couldn’t do any more. I thought that the texture was kind of funny and the flavor was not that great. Sorry FullBar people, I am not a fan. Give me a Luna or a LaraBar or a Glo Bar any day of the week instead!

I ordered Jimmy John’s for lunch and got my usual. A vegetarian with BBQ chips. I would say I’m predictable, but at some places, I only have one real option!

I forgot to tell them to hold the mayo. Tragic! I am not a fan of mayo, but it was all smooshed into the avocado spread and sprouts, so I ate it anyways.

I ended up eating most of the chips while we were standing around outside while the fire alarms went off.

A girl needs her sustenance in case the office burns down! It really didn’t, though. There wasn’t even a fire, although I’m not quite sure what the real cause was. It was a nice excuse to be outside for a bit on a warm, sunny afternoon!

I have to work for a bit at a reception for the office tonight, but then I’m heading home for the weekend! I am really excited! Tomorrow is my uncle’s retirement party and Sunday my mom’s side of the family is celebrating birthdays…everyone from April through September (which means I get presents since mine is next month!). I’m anxious for some family time and a weekend away from the city. I’ll have little to no Internet access, so have a fabulous weekend!

Do you have anything fun planned for this weekend?

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  1. 08.27.10 10:41 pm

    Not too much fun going on, busy with packing. lol I’ve never seen this bar before, but I’ll take your word on it.

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