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i love you, i love you not.


I have a love/hate relationship with the scale. After so many years of weekly (and sometimes daily or even multiple times in a day) getting on the scale, I developed a dependence on knowing what number it was going to show. Something that started out so innocently became an unhealthy habit.

In May, I did what I called No Weigh May and except for the first day of the month, I didn’t get on the scale once. I even hid it away in a closet to remove the temptation. It felt really good. Plus, the added bonus was that I lost four pounds that month without really trying, but just by keeping a healthy mindset.

But since then, my numbers obsession slowly crept back in. I decided this morning to put the scale back in the closet. I exercise and try to stay active, I try to eat well most of the time. I’m much happier with myself when I don’t have the compulsion to get on the scale every morning. I feel more confident, stronger, more fit, and just all around better about myself.

So, goodbye scale. Perhaps we shall meet again on occasion. For now, though, you are an unhealthy part of my life, so I am cutting you off. Enjoy your time in the depths of my closet.

On a different note, thanks to one of my fabulous coworkers, I had a delicious mocha scone for breakfast this morning. It was just the thing to make a dreary morning a bit brighter.

I had the best of intentions to go two for two in this whole morning workout thing. Yep. I really did. But, intentions only get you so far. I definitely slept through my alarm and woke up about 20 minutes before I had to leave the house.


There’s always tomorrow, right?

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  1. 09.2.10 6:12 pm

    My boyfriend hid the scale from me a couple of years back and I still leave it hidden. If there is a scale around, I get on it constantly. But without one, I feel no need to know my weight. Like you said, its feeling good and taking care of yourself that matters! I am proud of you for hiding it away again. That scone looks absolutely delicious!

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