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who dat.


Thanks for all your comments on your favorite go-to meal! I got some excellent ideas!

Here is an example of why I am not a perfect healthy living blogger: dinner last night and breakfast this morning consisted of sour cream coffee cake. I also had a Luna protein bar last night.

Lunch was super small…just a Luna bar. I was not hungry. At. All. Plus, I was anticipating going out for a birthday dinner tonight at one of my favorite restaurants, so I was saving lots of room! 🙂

I had an excellent meal tonight which as I was almost done realized I forgot to take a single picture! I hate when that happens! I had a beer and a cup of veggie chili to start. My main course was a hippie wrap which included cucumber, tomato slices, shaved red onion, basil, roasted red peppers, sprouts & sunflower seeds in jalapeno tortilla with roasted red pepper hummus. YUM. It came with a side of crack fries which are aptly name because they are ridiculously addicting. It was a great meal with greater company!

Okay, enough blogging. It’s time for the Vikings/SAINTS NFL kickoff game and pregame concert featuring one of my favorites, Miss Taylor Swift! WHO DAT!

Are you a football fan? Who is your favorite team? I love the Saints and the Tennessee Titans!

P.S. Do you use Google Reader? If you do, read this post from Julie at Savvy Eats. As I commented on her site, it is probably the

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  1. 09.9.10 11:43 pm

    Billy is a huge football fan so I’m learning to enjoy it with him. I love the Cowboys!

  2. 09.10.10 2:22 am

    I use Google Reader, but only to see what is new.
    I almost always read the post in the actual blog that it was written for. 🙂
    I like to take the more scenic route, I suppose.

  3. 09.10.10 6:26 pm

    I tried adding that Next button when I saw her mention it but don’t have a bookmark toolbar. At least that I know of! LOL

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