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he’s ba-ack.


If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen last night that hot yoga was, well, not so hot. Warm yoga would be perhaps a better description. Unfortunately, there’s another class that means in the studio that ends only about ten minutes before mine starts, so all they did was turn off the air conditioning.

Despite the lack of heat, it was an awesome experience! There were only five of us there, so our teacher had ample opportunity to walk amongst us, correcting form and giving advice. I’ve taken my fair share of yoga classes, but this was the first time I have ever had that opportunity! I think it really helped with my form, and hopefully I’ll really be able to take his help to heart, especially with six more sessions coming up!

I threw some almond butter and a sandwich thin together for a quick, light dinner before class. I ended up having a really great talk with my BFF (and roommate) while I was eating. I was a bit disappointed I had to head to class because I wanted to keep talking. I also had a handful of almonds after class.

Remember my near run in with a skunk after a morning run two weeks ago?

I certainly didn’t forget it and guess what? He’s back! I saw him again today, hiding in the same spot! When Jacqueline dropped me off on the way home from boot camp, I started to walk up towards my house and some random dude on the sidewalk warned me he was there! I stood awkwardly in the street for a minute or so, not sure what to do. Then he started moving up the stairs leading to my house! Fortunately, he then jumped down and scrambled off into the bushes, but I was almost barricaded from my own home!

Thus far today, I’ve had a pre-boot camp Luna bar and a soy latte on the drive in to the office.

Speaking of the office, I have to say that lunch meetings are enjoyable for one reason: free lunches! This gets even better when you’re the one organizing it! For where we had the meeting, there weren’t a ton of options, so I went with boxed lunches from Panera. Yum! Mine had a Mediterranean veggie sammie, a bag of chips, a pickle, and a shortbread cookie. I only ate the sammie and pickle at lunch and ate the rest throughout the afternoon.

Sorry it’s a boring post with no pictures! I’m realizing more and more how much photography really does add to a blog, but sometimes…well, the pictures just don’t happen. I need to get my smaller point and shoot fixed so I don’t have to constantly lug around my big camera!

Big, mega, fun work event tonight! Details tomorrow!

I can’t think of any real question for this post, so a fun one! What’s something out of your “normal” routine or habits that you’ve tried lately? Mine are chia seeds, green monsters, my boot camp class, and hot yoga!

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  1. 09.14.10 11:06 pm

    I just got chia seeds at the store today, for the first time. I had been hearing such great things about them, I just had to get some.

    Thats crazy about the skunk.
    I don’t know what I would do. Probably panic.
    I panic if theres a stray dog wandering around in the street, so I’d probably panic if a skunk was sitting outside my house!

  2. 09.15.10 1:04 pm

    Wow! I can’t imagine dealing with a skunk!

    The new thing that I’m trying this week is making homemade enchiladas– chicken for the boy and veggie for me! I’m hoping it turns out well 🙂

  3. 09.17.10 1:35 am

    Guinness had a run-in with a skunk a few weeks ago … it was awful. our house still stinks. 😦 there’s one that lives under our neighbor’s porch, too, which doesn’t help. we live right by a golf course though, and it seems to stink for most of the summer …

    how’s bootcamp going? sounds like it’s been a crazy week for you!

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