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oh what a week.


Hello friends.

It’s been quite a week! How about a quick recap? The last time I blogged, you hear about skunk encounter number two! Thankfully, there has not been a number three (and let’s keep in that way, little skunk friend!).

Tuesday night was the annual gala for my company. It was an epic party, absolutely epic. I spent most of the night walking around, mingling with guests, eating some fabulous food, and enjoying a couple glasses of wine. A lot of the food was locally grown, straight from the farm. Unfortunately, there were a lot of meat-based dishes, so I was a bit limited on what I could eat. There were also some seriously amazing white chocolate covered cheesecake bites. I could have eaten an entire tray of them they were so good. I stopped at three!

Wednesday was the kickoff night for the youth group I volunteer with, so I got to see a lot of the girls I mentor again. I missed hanging out with them more than I realized! I am so excited to see how God works in their lives this year, and how they grow both spiritually and as women. After, I made a late night trip to the airport to pick up a friend whose flight landed at midnight. It was about 1 am by the time I got home, so with getting up for boot camp at 4:30 that morning, I was completely exhausted!

Thursday was rough on only three and a half hours of sleep! By the time I left work, I felt like I was barely functioning. I went home and completely crashed, sleeping for almost four hours! Once I got up, I was awake for a couple hours, then went back to bed!

Friday at boot camp, we did our first of two fitness tests. We had to run a mile (10:02), hold a plank as long as we could (1:05), and then for a minute each, do as many crunches (65), reverse crunches (30), push ups (18), and bench dips (27) as we could. We’ll do it all again at the end of the four weeks. I would love to get my mile time to 9 minutes, plank to 2 minutes, and add at least 10 of each to the minute exercises.

The weekend has been a great chance to rest and relax. This week will, hopefully, not be quite as busy as last week was! I’m anxious to get back to a (semi) normal schedule for blogging and my life as a whole! My health and sanity need it!

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  1. 09.19.10 11:26 pm

    Wow that sure does sound like a busy week!
    And that boot camp sounds like Middle School Fitness Testing week. XD
    Oh how my lazy pre-teen self hated fitness testing week..

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