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a true green monster.


I got an unplanned treat at work today.  Well, two, technically.  One was an actual treat when a coworker brought in a pecan cinnamon streusel for our staff meeting today!  So good!

My other treat was I was able to go home for lunch!  The vast majority of the time, it would be a complete hassle to do that because it’s about a 5ish minute walk to my car and then another 10 minutes to drive home.  When I generally only take a 30 minute lunch, it just doesn’t pan out.  Today, however, I had to go deliver some stuff at an office that’s only three blocks from home and it had to be there around noon.  Once I dropped it off, I headed home!

I threw together an almond butter and honey sandwich.  I wasn’t sure if the combination would work.  I love peanut butter and honey, so I decided to give it a try.

Two thumbs up!

I paired it with carrots and roasted red pepper hummus.

All eaten from the comfort of my bed while watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory!  (Season four premiere is tonight, I’m so stoked!)  Now, this, my friends, is the way to have a lunch break!  It does make it difficult to actually head back to the office.  I got comfortable and relaxed awfully fast!

Fortunately, the rest of the afternoon flew by! I’ve spent some time this evening mixing business with pleasure:  working on my finances and paying some bills, then reading the latest issue of Shape magazine that arrived today.  LeAnn Rimes is on the cover and she looks fantastic!  I lost a bit of respect for her when she had an affair, but she does look happier and healthier than she’s ever been, so that does count for something.

Random fact: I got to meet LeAnn on two separate occasions about 5 years ago.  She seemed really nice, but quite quiet.  This was in my pre-digital camera age, otherwise I’d show you pictures!

I raided the kitchen to figure out dinner.  I was feeling really hungry, but it was one of those nights when nothing sounded good.  Not to mention, it’s over 90 degrees and humid out, so I was in no mood to break out the stove or oven.

Since I’m clearly addicted right now, I made yet another green monster.  And, it was the first one I’ve made that was truly green!

Let’s be real for a minute:  green monsters really look kind of gross.  But, they taste so good.  This one was a bit experimental and contained everything but the kitchen sink:  a Granny Smith apple, a banana, 1/3 cup vanilla Oikos, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup raw oats, and a big handful of spinach.  It all came together well!  It was warm, so I threw it in the freezer for a bit.  I like smoothies to be cold!

While I was waiting, I grabbed a sample box of Kashi’s Honey Almond Flax flavor of GoLean Crunch!  I ate most of it with some almond milk, but saved a bit to sprinkle on top of my monster when it came out of the freezer.

I love Kashi products and this was another great one!  I don’t like it quite as much as the regular Crunch, but it was free and I like that!

I’m helping my friend Jacqueline set up a blog she has to create for one of her graduate classes and then we’re watching The Big Bang Theory!  What a great night!

Have you met any celebrities? I’ve actually been lucky enough to meet quite a few besides LeAnn:  Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are two of the biggest names, plus a handful of other random people.

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  1. cookeatburn permalink
    09.23.10 7:11 pm

    Does Plus One count? (And props to you if you know who that is, haha.) You should freeze the bananas – it makes the smoothie colder and thicker too :).

  2. 09.23.10 8:45 pm

    I agree about the Green Monsters. They look repulsive and I often bring mine to class ha. Let’s just say people don’t sit next to me ha.

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