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little muscles.


I’ve noticed something in the past couple days:  I’m starting to build legit muscles as a result of boot camp!  I can particularly feel it in my biceps!  The class is halfway done, so it’s really encouraging to already notice results.  I hope it’s worth it because I am exhausted!  I’ve been getting up much earlier, but going to bed at the same time.  As a result, my napping has increased dramatically (hence tonight’s three-hour nap!).

On my way to work, I stopped for a bagel.  I got the usual:  jalapeno cheddar with veggie cream cheese.

I could eat this every morning, although I’m sure I’d get sick of it after a couple weeks.  Very similar to how I’m quite sick of my daily pre-boot camp Luna bar.  I think I will be lemon zested out by the time the class is done.

My sister (Kris) and brother-in-law (Chris) took me out to lunch this afternoon.  Yes, they have the same name and yes, it is the occasional source of confusion in my family.  Chris wanted to talk to me about doing a bit of graphic design for a new project he’s working on.  It’s been a bit of time since I’ve done much with design, so hopefully my skills have held up!

We went to Maggie’s Kitchen, one of my usual lunch spots.  I got the same thing I always do, the veggie burrito which comes with rice, beans, cheese, lettuce, and tomato.

I had a few chips with some guacamole as well.

My sister even brought me a few Halloween-themed rainbow chip cupcakes!  Yum!  Thanks big sis!

I had one for an afternoon snack.  I was definitely craving a bit of sugar to carry me through the last couple hours of a Friday afternoon and this totally did the trick.

I briefly contemplated going for a run when I got home, but it was cold (it dropped about 25 degrees since yesterday!) and super windy, I quickly vetoed that idea.  Going home and curling up in bed with a book sounded much more appealing.  I read a couple chapters and fell asleep.

I had a quick bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheats with some almond milk when I woke up.  I was looking forward to cooking a real dinner tonight, but I certainly wasn’t going to do that at 9 pm!

Tomorrow morning, I’m driving over to the east side of the state for a bridal shower!  Fun!

How did you spend your Friday night?  I hope it was much more exciting than mine!

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